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How useful is any of the counter medications ?

When to use?

When you want to know if using any of OVER THE COUNTER medications (e.g. Acetaminophen, Aspirin, NSAIDs or Caffeine Combination Products) will help with improving pain caused by an acute migraine attack. 


Models are developed only for patients with diagnosis of Episodic Migraine. 


This calculator can help with selecting the most effective OTC medication for patients with episodic migraine. If probably of headache freedom/relief is low it might be better to seek other therapeutic options. Always consult with a physician before selecting a treatment.


This app is developed based on results of studies by our team at NEURODICTION on AMPP dataset. The manuscript is currently under review. Please contact us if you have questions or need a copy of the manuscript.


Note. This app does not record any information entered by users.

These Tools are intended for information purposes only. All our contents must be re-checked based on your own knowledge, and SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR INDIVIDUAL PATIENT CARE, NOR SHOULD THEY SUBSTITUTE FOR CLINICAL JUDGMENT.

See our full disclaimer.

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